4 Restorative Yoga Poses for Kids

Restorative Yoga for kids is an amazing way to help kids relax and and become stress free; it allows the body and the mind to be still. Between social and academic pressures, tweens have more anxiety and stress than ever before. With expectations to always be doing more and better, kids never have time to check out, unless it’s in front of a screen. Restorative yoga for kids not only clears their minds without distraction, but it aids in helping them to truly just be. 

What you’ll need:

  • A couple of sturdy pillows or bolsters, perhaps even a blanket
  • A wall with some space
  • A dark, quiet room
  • Relaxing music

Before you begin, be sure to set the stage. Find a quiet space, turn off the lights and put on some relaxing music. Sit on a pillow, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Once you feel grounded, move forward with these 4 great restorative poses.

Forward Twist

This is gentle twist will help ease tension in the back, but will also feel supported. It will help to calm the body and the mind.

  • Place the bolster or pillow vertically in front of the kids.
  • Bring hips right up against the short end of the pillow, with knees up close.
  • Place hands on either side of the pillow and try to get the whole torso laying onto the pillow.
  • Gaze the opposite way that knees are going.
  • Stay here for a couple of minutes, then switch sides.


Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angel)

With the help of pillows or bolsters, this pose will help to gently stretch out the inner legs and hips. If you’re using a single pillow here, you may want to use a few.

  • Place the pillow(s) right up against their bottoms.
  • Have tweens gently recline back with bent knees.
  • Place the soles of the feet together and now let the knees come apart. If this is painful at all, place additional pillows under each knee for support.
  • Remain here for up to 5 minutes


Legs up a wall with pillow

This gentle inversion is a great way to ream the benefits of being upside down, but in a more calming way. As it aids in calming the nervous system, it also helps to quiet the mind. Getting into it is simple.

  • Place pillow vertically against the wall.
  • Have kids scooch in so that their bottom is on the pillow and close to the wall.
  • Have them straighten their legs up the wall.
  • Adjust the pillow accordingly so that they are comfortable.
  • Stay here for up to 5 minutes. Their legs may start to get a little tingly, but that’s ok. If it’s uncomfortable at all, bring feet into butterfly against the wall.


Forward fold over pillows

Forward folds are a great way to soothe the nerves and calm the mind. This restorative version is a perfect way to do both while feeling the support of the pillows.

  • Have kids sit with straddled legs.
  • Prop up several pillows and then bend forward. Their head and torso should easily be able to relax here, so use as many pillows as needed to get there.
  • Stay here for a couple of minutes.




If they’re not already asleep, be sure to end this flow with Savasana. Have them choose a final space where they can relax. Restorative yoga for kids will leave them feeling refreshed and renewed. Don’t be surprised if you hear some snoring! Enjoy 🙂