3 Fun Ways to use the Hoberman Sphere in your Next Kids Yoga Class

The Hoberman Sphere aka the breathing ball is a fascinating toy that seems to captivate children of all ages. The sphere made its way into the yoga world because of its ability to connect kids to their breath. The way it opens and closes is mesmerizing, which truly makes it the perfect accoutrement to teach with. Not sure how to make use of the breathing ball? These 3 great activities are not only fun, but they are a great way to promote mindfulness for kids!

Connect to the breath

The way the sphere expands and contracts is very similar to the way lungs do. So use the hoberman as a breathing ball to help your kids tune into their breath. As the ball expands, have the kids breathe in, and as it contracts have them breathe out. What’s great about the sphere, is that you can lengthen or shorten the breath and observe how it feels. You can also teach them about patterns. For example, have them breathe – in, in, in, out, out, out. Ask if it’s a pattern. Then have them breathe – in, in, out, out, out. Ask again. There are so many variations on this. Once they’ve got it down, let the kids lead the way by expanding and contracting the sphere, maybe even creating their own pattern.


breathing ball

Laser Sphere

The goal of a laser sphere is to enter the sphere without touching the sides, imagining that the edges are lasers. You can mix it up and make it more challenging, by giving specific directions on how they can enter and exit the laser sphere. Have the kids try entering with their elbow first, and then exiting with perhaps a knee out first. You can also let the kids lead the way and get creative with which body parts to use. This is a great activity, as it promotes gross motor skills, spatial awareness and good listening.


Wig walking

This is always a fun way for kids to practice balancing. Having it on your head really forces the kids to be extra mindful and connected.

  • Gently place the sphere on the child’s head, so it looks like a wig.
  • Have them try to walk across the room and back without grabbing the wig or it falling off.

The sphere is heavy and awkward so it takes some extra steadiness to keep it on

breathing ball


The breathing ball is a great way for kids to become more mindful. There are so many fun ways to integrate it in your yoga class, so make sure you have one in your bag of tricks!


Enjoy! 🙂