3 Tips for getting your Kids Yoga Business off the Ground

So you’ve just completed your Kids Yoga Teacher Training, now what? Getting your new business off the ground, may feel somewhat daunting, where to go, who to call…but with a little hard work and focus, you should be up and running soon!

To start with, try using this 3 simple tips to help you start teaching kids yoga:

  1. Pound the Pavement and use your connections

There are plenty of places for you to reach out, you just need to get creative. A little effort here can go a long way.

  • Send emails out to all the local preschools in your area offering your services.
  • Connect to your local Parks & Rec department about starting a class.
  • Reach out to local gyms or yoga studios.
  • Make sure all of your friends and their friends know that you are wanting to teach. Connections are an integral part of getting your business off the ground.

      2. Offer to teach for Free

Can’t find anyone to hire you? Start off by offering your classes for free – it’s not only great experience, but it’s an even better resume builder! Once you’ve started to build some momenturm you can begin to charge.

  • If you’ve got school age kids, reach out to their teachers. Teachers love when my moms come in to do something fun!
  • Contact your local library. See about setting up a weekly or monthly class with them.
  • If you’ve already tried your local gyms or yoga studios, let them know that you’d be willing to start a class for free.
  • Offer classes in the park or at the beach.

    3. Create a Facebook Page

This may sound basic, but setting up a Facebook page is an ideal way to get your name out there. Facebook is great for not only reminding your friends about what you do, but it also helps you target very specific audiences. Running a Facebook ad is extremely affordable for what you get:

  • Flexibility to set your own budget
  • Lets you hone in on specific audiences by way of location, profession and even interests.
  • Allows you to market specific things or offerings – i.e. birthday parties, private classes…

Check them out for yourself:


Hope some of these will work for you! If you have any other suggestions that have worked for you, let us know below!


Good luck getting started!  🙂