Don’t have time to attend a regularly scheduled yoga class? I offer so many other creative ways to practice yoga and to have fun!  From yoga birthday parties, ISPE (Yoga P.E.), to sports team yoga, Kids Yoga Zone has you covered!

Check out all the other yoga options:

Birthday Parties

Kids yoga parties are a super fun way to celebrate! Parties are designed for kids ages 6 – 15 and range from an all yoga party to integrating yoga and other fun related activities!


Did you know that you can take yoga as a P.E. credit for middle or high school? If you live in Cardiff, Encinitas, Solana Beach or Del Mar, would like to take yoga ISPE, message me! I have a variety of schedules available.

Yoga for Athletes

I love working with young athletes, and work extensively with all different types. From soccer to volleyball, young athletes have very similar but different needs. My goal is to help them be their best. Both private or team yoga can be arranged.

Yoga in Your School

Interested in offering yoga at your school? I offer different after school programs for kids ages 3-10.

Need more info? Message me, I’d love to work with you! 🙂