4 Awesome Ways for Kids to use Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are an amazing prop to integrate into your kids yoga routine. They can help with focus, as well as help them come into a pose more easily.  If you’re teaching in a studio, they will most likely be a staple. But if you’re teaching outdoors or in your home studio, be sure to have a minimum of 2 blocks available per student. Yoga blocks are so versatile that you can get really creative in how you use them. Here are just 4 fun ways to help your kids use them!


Balancing Poses

Once kids have mastered Tree Pose, Warrior 3 or Dancer’s Pose, take it a step further with the help of yoga blocks.  Just have them stand on a block and give any of these balancing poses a try. For more of a challenge, you can also have them close their eyes! Make it fun by having a contest or see if they can hold the pose for a specific amount of time.Yoga Blocks for kids



For some kids, coming into the splits comes just as easily as walking. But for most, it can be tough. Integrating blocks is a nice way for them to ease into it, all the while feeling supported.

  • Have them come into half splits first.
  • Then begin to shimmy front leg more forward and back leg more back.
  • Place block(s) below their front leg, and give them additional blocks to help them keep their balance and stay upright.

This can be a lot of stretch, so typically about 30 seconds on each side is plenty.

Splits with blocks


Forearm stand

This is a fun inversion that can be very accessible to kids. The block is a great way to help them with alignment. By placing it down in front of them, it acts as a guide for where their hands should be. It can also help keep their elbows in line with their shoulders.

  • Place the block just in front of a wall.
  • Have kids come into Dolphin pose with their index fingers and thumbs as the letter ‘L’, have them place those fingers around the block with their palms facing down.
  • Allow them to grip the block and press down into their forearms as they work on kicking up one leg at a time.Forearm Stand with block

Be available to help them find their way to the wall . They also may need help coming down safely.

Legs up a wall

For a more gentle inversion, Legs up a Wall is a great pose that has many soothing benefits. Often used in restorative classes, this pose is not only relaxing, but it can help stretch out the hammies and low back as well. Staying put however, is not always easy; their legs start to tingle and they start to fidget. Blocks are a great way to help pass the time, so that they can really reap the benefits of the pose.

  • Have kids scooch in close to the wall and extend their legs straight, as they lay back.
  • Give the kids one or two blocks and see who can throw the block up so it lands on their feet.
  • Have a contest to see who gets to 20 first or to see how many they can do in a specific time frame

Legs up a wall with blocks


However you decide to integrate blocks, have fun with them! Kids love to get creative with using them. 🙂