3 Mindful Ways Kids Can Express Gratitude

Teaching kids mindfulness can be an extremely useful tool. It helps them tune into themselves and become more aware of their surroundings. Mindfulness is also a great way for kids to become grateful. When kids express gratitude, they build self esteem, gain appreciation for others, and get an overall sense of peace and happiness. So give these 3 fun mindful activities a try and help kids express their gratitude for the world around them.

Meditate & Draw

When kids have time to pause, they have the opportunity to think. This thoughtful activity allows them time to stop and think about people or things that they are grateful for. All you need is some paper and markers. The meditation goes something like this:

Sit quietly in a comfortable seated position with your eyes closed.
Begin to think about someone or something that makes you happy.
Think about a specific time with your person, pet or thing. Start to notice all the little details about them.
Notice the colors, or maybe any smells or sounds.
How do you feel when you think about this? Does it make you smile? Do you feel relaxed or excited? Notice your feelings.

Go slow. After a couple of minutes, have the kids open their eyes. Allow them some time to share who or what they thought of, and how it made them feel. Have them explain why they are grateful for them. Then, hand out some markers and paper and let them draw their thoughts. 




Secret Compliment

This is a really fun activity for groups of 4 or more. It helps bring kids closer together and promotes kindness and thoughtfulness. All you need here are some paper, pens and tape.

  • Tape some paper to the back of each person.
  • Have kids go around and write something nice about the person who has the paper on their back. If they are not good writers or spellers, they can also add little drawings as well.

Once everyone has written something on each other’s backs, remove the papers and let each person share and read through all the compliments aloud. 

Kids Mindfulness


Compliment Circle

This activity is especially ideal for groups that have shared time together and have gotten to know one another. It’s a great way to bond and grow relationships.

  • Have everyone sit in a circle.
  • Before you begin, explain that students will go around and one at a time, give a genuine compliment to the person on their right. Tell them that the compliment shouldn’t be about their cute pants or their hair, but that they should really think about something positive about that person, something inspiring. Try to make it more personal, so that it really comes from the heart.
  • Have students look directly at the person they are complimenting. 

After everyone has a had a chance to go, there is an amazing sense of connection. Gather that love and send it out to the world with a giant group OM.

Mindful circle


Gratitude is such an important thought process and it’s easy to make it fun! So keep on promoting those good vibes and help create more happy, confident and loving kids!


Enjoy! 🙂