4 Fun Kids Yoga Valentine’s Activities

Valentine’s Day (or week) is such a fun time to be teaching kids yoga! Watching them connect more to those around them in a more loving way is exactly what yoga is all about! There are lots of fun valentine’s kids yoga activities to try, why not give these 4 try?

Partner Heart

Partner yoga poses are always fun. This one in particular is perfect as it challenges kids while having fun!

  • Have students pair up and lay on their backs with their heads touching.
  • With hands by their ears, they will need to press up into wheel – or in this case the top part of a heart!
  • Once there, have them say something that they love about each other.
  • Then have them slowly come down.

Options: Have kids move from mat to mat and switch partners. If it’s too challenging, come into reverse table.

Heart Making & Meditating

Taking time to “be” and to just consider things is a great way to teach kids mindfulness. In this simple activity, all you need are some cut out hearts and some markers!

  • Sitting in easy pose, kids will close their eyes and imagine someone they really love. Have them picture that person and think about all the reasons why they love them.
  • When they open their eyes, they will either draw and/or write something kind for that person.
  • At the end of class, have them hold their cut out heart by their own heart, and together you can practice a nice big “OM” and send love out to that person.



When kids use their bodies to spell, they really need to get creative. On Valentine’s Day, have them try spelling the word LOVE. If you don’t have enough kids, you can have try other Valentine’s related things like, XO or a even just a heart.

Kids yoga love


Massage Train

This is a great way to teach kids that when they give love, they get love.

  • Have kids sit in a row behind one another.
  • Be sure to tell them to ask whoever they are massaging if it’s ok. Checking in lets kids share how they feel – whether it’s too hard, too soft or maybe they like scratching instead.
  • After about a minute, whoever is in the front moves to the back, they way no one is left not getting love.
  • Keep the train moving until you’re back to where you started!


However you decide to help kids show love, make it fun!


And as alway, enjoy! 🙂