3 Fun Ways to use Yoga Cards

Kids are so easily distracted, so having lots of different things in your teaching bag of tricks, can make or break your class. One of the best ways to keep your students moving and their attention focused, is with a deck of yoga cards. It’s the perfect tool to have on hand, because it’s extremely versatile and more importantly, it’s appropriate for all different ages. There are so many fun ways to use yoga cards!

Try giving these 3 a go:

1. Musical mats – This fun game is played just like musical chairs, but instead of chairs you use mats. There are 2 ways to play this one – elimination and non elimination. No matter which version you choose, set up is always the same.

  • If possible, set your mats up in a circle and place one card on every mat but one. (The student without a card on their mat, can be the one who places them on the other’s mats)
  • Before you begin, have each student demonstrate the pose on their mat, and have the other students follow.
  • Once everyone is familiar with the various poses, play some fun music.
  • Students must move around however you say. i.e. walking, bear crawl, crab walk, flying…

        For Elimination:

  • When the music stops, everyone tries to get to a mat with a card on it and do the pose on the card.
  • The person, who can’t find a mat with a card on it is out.
  • Continue to remove a card each time until you have a winner.

       For Non-elimination:

  • When the music stops, anyone can go onto any mat, even if it’s occupied.
  • Everyone on the mat must do the pose.
  • After each round, remove a yoga card.
  • Eventually you’ll have one mat left that all the students will need to try and stand on while doing the pose on the card.

This version can be lots of fun as they need to work together to try and all fit on the one mat.


2. Create a sequence

This is not only a great way to get students to do some yoga, but it’s also an amazing introduction to understanding transitions.

  • Have a student choose a yoga card and place it on the ground. Everyone will then try that pose.
  • Have a second student choose another card and place it in front of the first. Let everyone try that pose, and then begin the sequence. Everyone does the first pose, then the second.
  • Have a third student choose another card and place it in front of the second. Let everyone try that pose, and then again go through the sequence.
  • Continue on for as many students as you have or let them go twice if you have a small group.

The older kids will have an easier time figuring out what poses should go where, but all ages will have fun experimenting.


3. Hide & Seek Matching

This is another fun game that gets the kids moving while learning lots of poses. There are 2 versions of this one too – one for younger and one for older kids.

Both versions will start the same:

  • Find a minimum of 4 pairs of yoga cards that are matching in color.
  • Have students either step out of the room or congregate in one section of it and then close their eyes.

For littles:

  • Hide one card from each pair and leave the matching color on the ground by your mat.
  • Have the kids open their eyes and begin their search.
  • When a student finds a card, have them call out the pose they find. Everyone must then return to your mat and do the poses on both the cards.
  • Then have them go out and search again. Continue until all the pairs are found.

For olders:

  • Hide all the cards around the room.
  • Have the kids open their eyes and begin their search.
  • The idea is to be the first to find a pair.
  • Once a pair is found, everyone must freeze and do the poses that were found. Continue until all the pairs are found.

In either scenario, whoever finds the most yoga cards or pairs, can be declared the winner, or if you’re playing again, they can be the one who hides them on the next round.


These are just a few of the fun ways to use a yoga deck. What works for you? Feel free to share what your kids like!

As always, have fun and enjoy! 🙂