6 Easy Ways to turn Half Moon into a Kids Yoga Favorite Pose

Half Moon is a particularly demanding pose, which requires balance, patience and lots of strength. Being able to keep the standing foot facing forward, while being able to extend the opposite leg back to hip’s height and then turning to gaze upward is a lot for even the seasoned yogi. So how do you take such a dynamic asana and turn it into a kids favorite yoga pose?

A simple little trick of making use of blocks and the wall, can not only help bring this pose into proper alignment, but can help build endurance as well. Bring on a mirror in front of them, and kids find it mesmerizing!

So here’s how to come into Half Moon with blocks and a wall:

  1. Grab a block and stand beside a wall with the right side of the body against it.
  2. Gently place the block down, so that it’s right below the shoulder.
  3. As the block goes down, the left leg lifts up and back towards the wall.
  4. Try to keep the entire back and both shoulders pinned against the wall.
  5. Check to make sure that the right foot facing forward. It often has a mind of its own in this pose and will drift inwards 😉
  6. After several breaths and some fine tuning, switch sides.

Practicing with the wall, will really give them a feel for where their feet, shoulders and back should be. Once they’ve had an opportunity to practice with the wall, allow them to have a go or two away from the wall – just a little different! 

To keep them steady and not flopping about. Give them a set amount of time that they’ll be holding for. Somewhere around fifteen seconds can be a good marker. It will force them to hold it and really work on strengthening and alignment.


As always, making it fun is key!


Enjoy! 🙂