4 Ways to Make a Kids Yoga Birthday Party a blast!

If you have an opportunity to teach a kids yoga birthday party, jump on the chance. Besides the fact that they pay good money, they are a great way to meet, new prospective students! It’s also a time for you to show your fun side and to really play!

So go ahead and try these 4 fun ideas to keep your kids engaged, focused and happy:

  1. Partner Poses

Partner poses are always super fun! They promote cooperation, communication and always lots of silliness! No matter what the age or for that matter what the pose, partner poses will no doubt take your birthday party up a notch on the fun scale. There are lots of partner poses to try and to get creative with, but double dog is a really fun one! Have one partner go into downward dog, and have the other partner gently bring one foot at a time onto their partner’s back. They can even give them a little massage! Once they have that down pat, you can work on creating a triple, then maybe a quadruple…!


  1.  Challenging Poses

Kids love to be challenged! Be sure to let them try some fun “adult” yoga poses where they can really shine. Crow is an ideal one, as most kids, no matter what their skill, will give it a go – some with more success than others! Have the kids squeeze their triceps into their inner thighs, lean forward and look ahead. Handstands can also be fun. Be sure to offer spotting where necessary or if the kids are older, have them work together spotting one another.



  1. Wax Museum

If you’ve got squirmy kids, try playing Wax Museum. It’s simple, fun and very engaging. One person is the night watchman, while everyone else remains as still as a statue in a yoga pose. 

The watchman must walk around trying to catch the others moving. If they get caught, then they sit out. The key here is to make sure that the kids who are statues are continually moving and not just staying in one pose the whole time.  This is a great game that helps promote mindfulness as well as letting them explore a variety of yoga poses.



  1. Savasana

We all know that savasana is everyone’s favorite pose, but for the kids it can often be a challenge. Before you begin, let them know that you’ll be coming around to give their shoulders a little massage with possibly a nice, subtle essential oil. Be sure to give an opt out on this one. You can give them a simple cue, like place a hand on your belly if you don’t want to be touched. Once you’ve got them settled, perhaps offer a guided meditation. You can use your voice or if you prefer, you can also use a prerecorded one; there are plenty available to download.






Get Creative!

These are of course, just a handful of ideas! It’s always best to speak with the mom and/or get to know the child to see what they’re hoping to get out of the experience!

Let us know what ideas have worked for you! And no matter what you end up doing, remember to have fun! 🙂