3 Fun Kids Yoga Partner Poses

Kids Yoga Partner Poses are a great way to keep kids engaged, especially when you want to teach them some fundamental yoga poses. Warrior II, Floor Bow, and Boat poses are some of the basics that you want to teach your kids. Unfortunately, these aren’t exactly the “fun” yoga poses, so finding a way to teach them in a fun way is key!

Partner poses are great for all ages! They have a way of making the mundane more fun, and the benefits of working with a buddy are great! When working with a partner, make sure to have that they are communicating and checking in with one another the whole time. 

Why we love partner poses:

  • Promotes Cooperation
  • Pushes them to go beyond their edge
  • Creates a safe and fun environment to try something
  • Fun for all ages

So let’s get started with our 3 partner poses!

  1. Warrior II:
  • Have kids stand back to back with wide legs and arms extended.
  • Have them turn one foot towards the front, then bend into their front knee.
  • With arms extended, and bent knee the idea is to try and keep both shoulders connected.
  • After a few breaths, have them switch sides.


2. Ride the Dragon:

  • Have one partner lay on their belly, bend their knees and reach behind for the outside edges of their feet.
  • The other partner will step over them & gently rest their bottom on the other person’s feet.
  • With their arms, they’ll gently pull the shoulders back of the person laying on their belly, giving them a great stretch.
  • When they’ve had enough, have them lay flat and give them a little massage.
  1. Boat:
  • From a seated position, have kids face each other, legs spread wide and feet touching.
  • Once feet are touching, have them scooch in just a bit and grab each other’s hands.
  • With hands held, they will need to push into each other’s feet and work on lifting up one leg, then the other – a great core workout!

There are 2 variations to try here. One, with arms on the inside and legs wide. Second, is arms on the outside of legs, legs together. Both are fun, but can be challenging.

Note, if you have an uneven number, no worries! The extra person can always be your partner, or set up a group of 3 and they can swap. However, you decide to do it, have fun with it!

Enjoy! 🙂